FAQs What are electronic cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that create a mist or vapour that’s inhaled instead of tobacco smoke. The rechargeable battery powers a heating element called an atomiser. The element then uses low heat to turn liquid in the cartridge, which contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, safe food flavouring and sometimes nicotine, into a fog-like mist. The popularity of e-cigarettes is on the increase with an estimated 1.3 million people in the UK using them in 2013.

Q: Are e-cigarettes safe?
Some e-cigarettes contain nicotine. So while anything containing nicotine cannot be called 100% safe, evidence from a number of international studies suggests that they are significantly safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. On this basis, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has said “e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, are likely to be a safer alternative to smoking.” We suggest you seek advice from your GP if you have any concerns about using electronic cigarettes.
E- cigarettes should also be kept out of the reach of children and are not intended for anyone under 18, pregnant women or nursing mothers, or people with allergies to any component of inhalants.

Q: Are they are a alternative though?
This is now also recognised by tobacco manufacturers, who are in the process of developing their own brands of electronic cigarettes.
The ingredients in our electronic products are warmed to a regulated temperature, which vapourises propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and a combination of flavours, to create thick clouds of safe vapour and deliver our excellent flavours to the user.

Q: What about all of the negative news reports in the media about chemicals?
In spite of what’s been reported, the studies done to date have not only been largely inconclusive, but have actually found that the levels of contaminants detected in e-cigarette liquid and vapour are so low that it’s highly doubtful they would pose a health risk. E-cigarettes are significantly less of a risk than continuing to smoke anyway. Just because there is a chemical detected does not mean that a product is hazardous. Every day we harmlessly consume and breathe in chemicals that would be toxic at much higher levels.

Q: Does using e-cigarettes feel like smoking?
Yes. Using an electronic cigarette gives a similar sensation and experience as a regular cigarette. You get the ‘hit’ in the throat and breathe out vapour that looks like smoke, but tastes much better. It doesn’t smell bad either!

Q: Can e-cigarettes help me stop smoking?
Some tobacco smokers use e-cigarettes to help them stop smoking although they haven’t been regulated in the UK in the same way as nicotine patches and gums have. Some surveys show that that up to 80% of e-cigarette users quit smoking traditional cigarettes while using e-cigarettes. And a study in the Lancet in 2013 found that e-cigarettes are at least as effective as nicotine patches in helping people stop smoking. The good news is, nicotine by itself has very low health risks, so switching to e-cigarettes with nicotine can be nearly as good as quitting altogether.

Q: Can I use an e-cigarette in public places?
At the moment, e-cigarettes are not covered by the UK ban on smoking in public places, which means you can, in theory, use e-cigarettes wherever you like. However, some bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sporting venues and public transport authorities have banned the use of e-cigarettes as they can be difficult to tell from real tobacco cigarettes and can upset other customers. Other cities around the world including Los Angeles have introduced a city-wide ban in all public places. Our advice is to check first and be considerate.

Q: What is propylene glycol?
Propylene Glycol is an odourless, colourless chemical that’s used in pharmaceuticals such as toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics and as a flavour enhancer in baked goods like cakes and doughnuts. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US list it as “generally recognised as safe” (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive.

Q: What is vegetable glycerine?
Food grade vegetable glycerine is 99.7 per cent pure with water the remaining .03 percent. Vegetable glycerine is sweet but is metabolised differently than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels. It’s often found in foods that are advertised as low carbohydrate. Vegetable glycerine is used in the place of alcohol in food extracts and even though it’s sweet it doesn’t promote tooth decay; it’s even used in the treatment of certain skin and gum diseases.

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